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Language Paper 1 - Downloadable Practice Paper - Father Thomas

Language Paper 1 - Downloadable Practice Paper - Father Thomas

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Inspired By

A Horror Movie

Section A Difficulty


Section B Difficulty



In a bedroom consumed by shadows and suffocating decay, a sinister evil lurks within a tormented soul. As one confronts the malevolent force with unwavering determination, aided by another, a fleeting calm settles over the room. But their victory is short-lived as a new, more sinister presence emerges, threatening to engulf them in darkness once more. Will they withstand the relentless onslaught of evil, or be consumed by forces beyond their comprehension? This chilling tale, inspired by themes of exorcism and supernatural terror, will leave readers gripping the edge of their seats until the final, spine-tingling moment.

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This downloadable practice paper is perfect for students preparing for their AQA English Language GCSE. With the convenience of online access, you can use it from your phone, iPad, or laptop, or print out the document and utilise the writing pages provided. Improve your skills and ace the exam with this practice paper.

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