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Triumph - Language Paper 1 - Online Paper

Triumph - Language Paper 1 - Online Paper

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This resource is designed to help learners practise their reading and comprehension skills in the style of the AQA English Language Paper 1 exam. Compatible with Microsoft Word 2016 and later versions, this form-fillable product offers a powerful and vivid narrative. Learners will focus on key exam skills such as analysis, inference, and critical thinking. By engaging with this text, students can practise answering exam-style questions. Additionally, with our upload portal, learners can submit their answers and receive valuable feedback.

Criteria Details
Synopsis The protagonist navigates a bustling airport terminal, heading to their first international kickboxing tournament in the United States. They face racism and discrimination, which fuels their determination to succeed. At the tournament, they channel their anger and resolve into a victorious debut match, overcoming their opponent and proving their worth.
Reading Age 14+
Difficulty (1-5) 3 (Moderate) - Standard words with some complex sentences and vivid descriptions. Perfect for learners with average reading skills.
Genre Sports Fiction, Drama
Type of Reader Perfect for learners who enjoy inspiring, sports-driven narratives with themes of perseverance, resilience, and overcoming adversity. Ideal for those who appreciate stories about high-stakes competition, personal triumphs, and confronting social issues.


Difficulty Levels Rationale:

  • 1 (Very Easy) - Simple vocabulary and short sentences. Suitable for young children or beginner readers.
  • 2 (Easy) - Basic vocabulary with slightly longer sentences. Appropriate for younger readers with basic reading skills.
  • 3 (Moderate) - Standard vocabulary with some complex sentences and descriptive language. Suitable for learners with average reading skills.
  • 4 (Difficult) - Advanced vocabulary, intricate sentence structures, and abstract themes. Ideal for experienced readers and those with a higher education level.
  • 5 (Very Difficult) - Highly advanced language, complex and abstract ideas, specialised or technical vocabulary. Appropriate for academic or professional readers.
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